Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair: Best of the Texas Poetry Calendar

Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair coverScott Wiggerman and Jason Robberson, Editors

$17.95 224 pages

The Lone Star State comes to life in Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair. From the Gulf Coast to the Big Bend, from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley—the people, flora, fauna, places, weather, and seasons of Texas are well represented among the collection’s almost 300 poems, all published during the first decade of the Texas Poetry Calendar. The 187 poets are as diverse as the poems themselves, from housewives to university professors, from those just starting in poetry to those with numerous credits and world renown—all touched by Texas in some way. Everything about this volume is big, especially the rewards.

“Ultimately, what a reader finds in opening Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair is a worthy collection that can be picked up and enjoyed again and again.”

— Susan Hanson, in Texas Books in Review