Our Calendar Cover Photographer
Photographer Jerry Hamby
A native of Amarillo, Jerry Hamby was in high school when Cadillac Ranch was installed by the art group Ant Farm. He has visited and photographed the site dozens of times and was fortunate enough to meet one its creators, Doug Michels in 2002 while touring another of Ant Farm’s creations, The House of the Century. Jerry’s interest in photography is linked to his love of nature, and his favorite images often come from placing the camera as close to the ground as possible. In photographing Cadillac Ranch, Jerry dug his knees into snow and snapped 750 photographs over a two-hour period, looking for nuanced ways to capture an iconic sculpture. The evolving nature of Cadillac Ranch was on display that day as dozens of interstate travelers placed their marks on the cars, and the greatest challenge was keeping people out of the frame. The fresh snow and late afternoon light were gifts as cirrus and cumulus clouds skated above the fins of the cars.